Scientific essay on “Oil Crisis”

Title: Ecological project to reduce and prohibit the use of plastic bags in San Pedro lake


The projects initiated by San Pedro La Laguna located in the department of Sololá was a direct response to the need to reduce the use of plastic bags in the place which take 450 years to degrade, these bags generate toxic in the environment to such a degree that when it is decomposed it becomes petro-perietros that are extremely toxic substances which are later consumed by the animals that we eat the humans and also they are in the ground where they are absorbed by the foods that we ingest. It is necessary both the political and economic initiative to reduce the use of materials made of petroleum to reduce the consumption of this and to help the environment.



Siento que soy bola de agua, que puedo y no puedo

que soy humana, que me equivoco

siento que soy algo que puedo ser

siento que voy a lograrlo

siento que soy suficiente

siento que tengo lo necesario para ser lo que quiero, aunque aun no sepa que sea eso exactamente…

Siento que soy

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